Dinner Roulette

Last Night’s Dinner (If today is September 25th) of Seared Scallops on Mushy and Lemony White Beans

THIS POST HAS BEEN UPDATED IN THE ABOUT MENU- TO VIEW THE UPDATED POST, CLICK ON THE ABOUT MENU SELECTION AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE. Without thinking too much about it, I sent texts to four friends, without explanation that simply stated, “Dinner Roulette- what should I make for dinner next week?” The replies were varied and thoroughly entertained me for the morning. My Mostly Proper British Friend debated the term “Dinner Roulette” throughout the morning, thinking there wasn’t any risk, which is inherent in roulette as he explained, involved in my query. My Childhood Friend, started out with “Lamb Chops”, followed by “Pork Chops” and then “Rib Eye”, before he came up with a rather elegant, and less artery challenging meal featuring Fennel Crusted Pork Chops with Apple Cranberry Compote. My Friend and Martha Stewart Loving Sister suggested, “The Campbell Soup Mushroom Steak Mom used to make for my birthday!”, which certainly tugged at my heart strings. Last, and certainly not least, My High Powered Executive Friend sent back a detailed, 7 Day Meal Plan that included a day for GM, my sweet, mother-in-law who lives with us, to order her favorite take out for dinner.

I quickly realized not only did this adventure provide me with some quality time with friends and family, it brought up some great memories and reminded me of the unique and enjoyable qualities of each friend. That was enough to make me take a stab at coming up with a website/blog to carry out an online version of this game to enjoy with friends and family to get some experience in working up to my ultimate goal of creating a blog for my two daughters to remind them of how much I love them and all the great food and fun times we share as a family.

So this is how we play- I will send Dinner Roulette Texts to friends and family, directing them to this website to guide their Dinner Roulette Response. I will create and cook the Roulette Meal he/she/they suggest, as closely as I can, remembering I have a wife and mother in law to feed and keep relatively happy. As time and expertise permits, I will post an entry with images, recipes, comments, etc. as best I can. Don’t limit your imagination- I don’t need a recipe, but happy to try out an old favorite, family recipe, something you’ve enjoyed at a restaurant or one you have found in a cookbook or competing website that tickles your fancy. Maybe you want to clean out your Fridge and give me a list of ingredients and leave it to me to come up with a meal- liked “Chopped”. Perhaps, you’ve gone to the light side and want to “veganize” or “veg out” a favorite meat recipe. I’m pretty much up for most anything! Let the games begin!

PS- To My Dearest Wife- this is not been completely proof read:)

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