The Dad. I’m just a Dad trying to stay connected to his kids by posting some recipes and thoughts about food that they’ve enjoyed while they were home and food they might enjoy now that they are out cooking on their own in what I call the “Young Adult Kitchen”. This way they’ll never be too far away to have dinner with their dad!”. Other than this first paragraph, I will be writing to the kids, but hopefully those of you who are not my kids and have been kind enough to take an interest in my writing about food (thank you BTW) will understand and enjoy my food and thoughts about food all the same.

The Diary of a Dad. I am very happy that both you kids enjoy the Daddy Diary that I’ve kept since 2005 until the last of you two left for school in 2019. It nice to look back to see how you both grew into such fantastic young adults, but I miss writing for you especially now that the nest is mostly empty. Happily, we still have your grandmother, a variety of hold over pets, and you kids do return on occasions, but never long enough, so I thought it would now be a good time for a new diary to stay connected with you kids, help you become happier cooks and carry on a family tradition into the next stage of our family life. 

Recipe and Other Images.  My plan was to simply take pictures of the food on our everyday plates with my phone, assuming I’d get better as I went along.  That was until one of you lovely children (not naming names, but the older one) told me I needed to step up my photo game after checking out my test blog post.  Since then, I’ve gone through mom’s massive dish and kitchenware collection, taken food outside in search of better lighting, and fallen off a step ladder to get a bird’s-eye shot of a plate of food. I hope you’re happy!  In any event, just know if you actually make whatever it is in the photo for your family or friends, it’s going to look 100 times better on your plates!

Cook and Play.  I provide musical suggestions to play along as you cook each recipe that are a bit of a Dad Joke, but hopefully you find them to be more of a good recommendation of fun music to listen to while you’re cooking. Searching for music to fit the theme/vibe of a recipe has become an unexpected bit of fun for me and I highly recommend you play something fun while you cook, whether I suggested it or not. Also, please forgive me for the more obvious Dad Jokes- like playing The Cranberries for the cranberry sorbet recipe, but the more obvious ones still crack me up- sometimes even more, but I am a dad after all.

Veg Out. Between the two of you, there is not much animal flesh in your diet, other than fish, so, of course, I will focus on pescaterian, vegetarian and vegan recipes for you. Sure, there might be an occasional animal recipe, but I’ll always try to provide a veg alternative.

Your Patience is Appreciated.  This website is definitely a work in progress- a beta version, so to speak.  I hope my technological missteps, poor photography and typos won’t turn you away and any constructive feedback and technical assistance is appreciated.  

© 2020 All rights reserved.  Dad’s Dinner Diary

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