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Spawn of Kraft & Panera Mac & Cheese

Banana Pudding Ice Cream Pie- It’s B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Millennial Down Payment Bean Toast

Mean Teacher Gingerbread With Salty Caramel Sauce

The After School Special: A Very Special Fried Egg Sandwich Event

Sunshine Salad For a Winter Day

Dad’s Dinner Diary Top 5 Recipes of 2022 and Much More!

New Year’s Eve Chocolate Fun-due

Crispy Chicken From Georgia- No, Not That Georgia

The Minny-Me Hot Fish Dish-A Make Ahead Holiday Casserole

Hookie Cookie Day 2022: GM’s Not So Old Fashioned Snickerdoodles

The Big Hac- a Bean Burrito Big Mac® Hack Worthy of a Secret Menu

The Easiest & Fastest Fresh Applesauce on the Planet

A Hidden Gem From The Family Recipe Box- Butterscotch Bliss

Maine Wild Child & Blueberry Bread

Beet On Weck- A Plant Based Take on the Buffalo, NY Classic- Beef On Weck

My Kids’ Favorite Soup- Potato and Leek Soup

3 Bite Apple Hand Pies For Pi Day

Smarty Pants, Veggie Veggie Parm Parm Dump Casserole

The Dad’s Ultimate Buffalo Mac & Cheese With Crispy Chicken Skin

A Vietnamese Inspired Vegan Soup- “What The Pho …”

Fried Mutz With Upstate Raspberry Sauce

Potsticker Crispy Fried Rice

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Hookie Cookie Day 2021: Why Can’t We All Just Get Along Holiday Cookies

Wild, Wild West Thanksgiving Leftover Soup

Green Bean Casserole On A Stick

The Make Ahead Thanksgiving Dressing Formerly Known As Same Day Turkey Stuffing

GM’s Family Favorite Pumpkin Bars

Cheesy Sticks & Souper Dips

Pasta Alla Schwarzenegger (aka Linguini With Mussels)

Celebrating One Year of Dad’s Dinner Diary With The Recipe of the Year!

Sitting here, next to a chewed up dog toy, thinking about 1 year of dadsdinnerdiary.com

Not The World’s Best Chili- Yet!

The Humm-burger- A Sabichin’ Good Sandwich

Saucy Bengaluru Beans

French Revolutionary Onions À Trois

Tenacious Z’s Tomatoës and Rice

Garden Blender Soup or Sauce

You Like Tomato, I Like Tomahto Sandwiches

Fish In A Dish- Chowder Style

Mexican Street Corn Soup

Zippy Strawberry and Spinach Salad

The Recyclable Plate- The Garbage Plate For The New Millenium

Dad Thai With Charred Broccoli

60 Saltines and Lemon Pie with Wild Blueberry Sauce

The Pimento Cheese and Pickle Plate

Three Pepper Shakshuka Over Grits

The Quintessential Chicken Teriyaki

Two Classic Grandma Cookout “Salads”

“Anyone Can Grill!”: Garden Vegetable Pasta

Carolina Tuna Nachos

Eggplant Parm For My Two Kids

Apres Ski Quattro Leches Cake

Cereal Pie For Any Season

A Risotto For Any Season

Vegetable Peeler Salad For Any Season

Greens and Beans Soup

Fish In a Dish- Taco Style

St. Paddy Day Potato Nachos with Corned Beets, Cabbage and Carrot Salsa and Mushy Pea Guacamole

Buffalo City Chicken and Salad– Relax Kids, It’s Really Tofu!

Gardener’s Pie- the Comfort Food Formerly Known as Shepherds Pie

Red Lentils, Not One, But Two Ways and Topped with Smooshed Pistachio, Among Other Tasty Treats

“How I Kept Your Mother” Pie

Super Bowl Sandwich Showdown Part II- Tampa Bay Cuban-elle

Super Bowl Sandwich Showdown Part I- Kansas City BBC Pulled Mushroom

The 7 Minute-ish “Instant” Ramen Challenge

The Salted Caramel Chiacinno and Other Creations from the Chiaverse

Irish Eggs with an English Breakfast Salad

The Latke Gravlax- Thank you very much!

Lots O’ Latkes

New Year New Logo!

Feast of the 7 Fishes In a Bowl

Spinach and Artichoke Dip Lasagna

Happy Hookie Cookie Day 2020!

Granny Goulash

The Citizen Caine- A Double Down Falafel Sandwich

Spaghetti Squash In Eco Friendly Bowls

A Thanksgiving Leftover Turkey and Waffles: A Special Late Night, So You Can Be Ready for Brunch, Edition

A Socially Conscious Chili-Maple Glazed Salmon for Thanksgiving

I Can’t Believe It’s Vegan Gravy!

Lucky 7 Mac and Cheese with Chip Dust Roulette

She Adored a Cranberry Sorbet

Mystery Date Scampi Pasta

Stay At Home Egg Salad:  The Egg and Salad Tokyo Drift Edition

Fried Green Tomato Salad

No Pigs Were Harmed In the Making of These Cauliflower Chops

Vegan Green Eggs- Who Needs the Ham!

Spice Crusted Pork Chops- This Little Piggy Should Have Stayed Home

Seoul Food Sammiches

Seoul Food Ssammiches Veg Out Version

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