New Year, New Logo!

New Logo. Happy New Year! It’s 2021 and there are lots of changes for the new year here at Dad’s Dinner Diary! Starting with a new, professionally designed (Thanks Mike!) logo-


New Merch. Only because I wanted to get you kids Dad Dinner Diary shirts as a fun Christmas surprise and the minimum order was 12, I find myself with an inventory of 10 shirts. I’m pretty sure I can’t sell them, so they’re not technically “Merch”, but at least I was smart enough to get them in sizes that fit me, so now I don’t have to do laundry for almost two weeks!

New Followers! One of the best part of the new year is that, after starting this a few months ago, I achieved my goal of 100 Instagram followers by the end of 2020- I realize this was mostly from you kids promoting to your friends, but that actually makes me happier than if I did it all by myself and to my friends. I also want to take the time to sincerely thank each and everyone of you for following Dad’s Dinner Diary on Instagram, Twitter and at! Not sure I should press my luck, but, as I tell you kids, it’s important to have goals, so now it’s on to try for 500 followers by the end 2021. One or both of you kids literally laughed out loud when you read this, so I’m thinking it will be an uphill battle, but, then again, Gordon Ramsay has over 10 million followers, so maybe with a few F Bombs and catch phrases like “Idiot Sandwich” mixed into my posts, I can get to 500!

New Ideas! Yes, there will be new content and features- not really sure what those will be yet, but I can promise you there will be more food fun ahead- perhaps some videos, and more features from WordPress- like the survey in the next section! I will keep you posted, we’ll see. Give me a break, I’ve only been doing this a few months and was sure you kids would have come up with something by now! Oh, I know- free giveaways- I can give away some of the extra shirts I have! Also, I could try to get one of you kids to make a Playlist of the Cook and Play songs- won’t that be fun!

Not only don’t I have any new ideas for this section, I don’t even have a new photo- I just took this one from Photo by Pixabay on

New Picture, but Same Old Dad. I really haven’t changed that much over last year, perhaps a few more gray hairs and pounds, but in any event, I guess it’s time for a picture of me in the About section- I see this in most food blogs. I was going for the thoughtful, food writer, dad look in the picture below, but one or both of you kids told me I looked confused and Mom told me I needed a shave. Maybe I’m just not the right face for this blog- I have to admit, I’ve never been a big fan of selfies. I do know who might be right for this, but there’s only one way to find out- let’s take a WordPress Survey!

The Dad.
The Brad. Yes, this is a little blurry, but I need all the help I can get.

Anyway, let’s have a great 2021 and please keep following and cooking if you can!

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