Celebrating One Year With The Recipe of the Year: Quintessential Chicken Teriyaki

Along with the Other Top 5 Most Viewed Dad’s Dinner Diary Recipes of Year #1

Quintessential Chicken Teriyaki- dadsdinnerdiary.com Year #1 Recipe of the Year!

Click here for the most Liked Year #1 daddinnerdiary.com recipes on Instagram, which were completely different from the Top 5 here!  

October 18, 2021. Dear Kids- Who would have thought I’d be doing this each week for a year now? I’m certainly surprised, but the interest, kind words and connection with you kids, and even other kind souls who have tuned in, from cooking and sharing these recipes have truly been the highlight of this last, crazy year. I don’t know how much longer I’ll keep on, but let’s not worry about that now and, instead, take a minute to look back on some of dadsdinnerdiary.com’s more popular posts that I hope were able to get you excited about cooking food your way.

Before we do that though, I also want to thank you all for the Views, Likes, Comments and Shares and for taking an interest in my thoughts on food. As a Dad, I am very good at responding to my kids, who I can speak with directly, but I a bit more technically and focused challenged when it comes to letting you other good people know how much I appreciate your interest, so my apologies for that.

Now, without further ado, I give you the Top 5 Most Popular Recipes for Year #1 of dadsdinnerdiary,com!

#1. Quintessential Chicken Teriyaki. Cook and Play “Genius of Love”, by Tom Tom Club.

There was even a Vegan Version!

The runaway favorite recipe post, with twice as many views (thousands of views, actually) as any other over the last year, along with its Cook and Play, certainly holds a place in my heart since it was such a part of my younger days, so I was very happy to see such interest from so many others. As surprised as I was with such a response, I was even more surprised that I was able to create a popular and good looking vegan version to go along with your kids’ interest in plant based eating- who knew eating vegan could be so tasty!

2. Pimento Cheese And Pickle Plate. Cook and Play: “Biscuits” by Kacey Musgraves

This post started with a simple recipe for Pimento Cheese and grew into an epic bounty for the table. I think the idea of BBQ crostini and using pulled chicken to make a spread made it even more fun- not to mention the Peanuts in Coke to wash it all down.

3. Cereal Pie For Any Season. Cook and Play: “Tutti Fruitti”, by Little Richard

I thought my “Any Season Plug and Plate” Recipes (The Vegetable Peeler Salad, Risotto and this one) were pretty creative. This Cereal “Pie” recipe was an especially good time since it had you adding your favorite cereal to the crumble on top to pair with the fruit in the “pie”, so I’m not surprised by its popularity.

#4. Carolina Tuna Nachos. Cook and Play: “Let’s Dance”, by David Bowie

One of those happy surprises in life- finding sushi grade tuna nachos at a trendy eatery in North Carolina and coming up with a recipe to make at home. This recipe received high marks for being good looking and creative- especially the “Crab Rangoon” spread to hold it all together.

#5. Fish In A Dish- Taco Style. Cook and Play: Play Your Own!

You know I’m a sucker for Fish In A Dish- Any Style, but the taco style is my favorite. This is one of my Go To Quick & Easy recipes for dinner or entertaining and had an entertaining poem recipe to get you inspired as well.


Will there be more grilled vegetables ahead in Year #2? Who knows- stay tuned to find out.

Who knows what Year #2 will hold or if I’ll even make it through another year. I do know, at least, that Year #2 will include GM’s Family Favorite Pumpkin Bars along with a few more Thanksgiving recipes for November, a few more recipes for another Hookie Cookie Day in December and some fun with dumplings in January, but beyond that I cannot say, so stay tuned to find out and help me make it through another year- I would certainly appreciate the support. Until then, thanks again for your interest in dadsdinnerdiary.com- it really made my year!

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