Mean Teacher Gingerbread With Salty Caramel Sauce

Jump to the InstaRecipe if you’re in a rush and/or don’t want any Dad Advice!  February 28, 2023.  Dear Kids– This recipe is dedicated to The Mom, who absolutely loves gingerbread, for Valentines Day this year.  Yes, I realize I’m a bit late for Valentine’s Day, but as I’ve told The Mom many times, IContinue reading “Mean Teacher Gingerbread With Salty Caramel Sauce”

60 Saltines and Lemon Pie with a Wild Blueberry Sauce

July 08, 2021.  Dear Kids–  This recipe is traditionally called “Atlantic Beach Pie”, but what drew me to it, other than the fact that it is so delicious, perfect for summer and easy to make, was the fact the crust is made with 60- count ’em 60!- saltine crackers, so I had to highlight thisContinue reading “60 Saltines and Lemon Pie with a Wild Blueberry Sauce”


December 16, 2020.  Hookie Cookie Day is probably the best idea Mom and I ever came up with as parents- this, and putting money aside for your colleges- but Hookie Cookie Day was way more fun and a lot cheaper.  It started when Mom was a little, school girl and her mom, GM, was aContinue reading “HAPPY HOOKIE COOKIE DAY 2020!”