A Hidden Gem From the Family Recipe Box- “Butterscotch Bliss”

May 08, 2022- Happy Mother’s Day!  Dear Kids– This post started out as a straight forward, Mother’s Day retro recipe from your GrandMother to celebrate her and all the amazing mom’s (including yours, of course) we know, but then it turned into something more as I rifled through GM’s recipe box, in search of herContinue reading “A Hidden Gem From the Family Recipe Box- “Butterscotch Bliss””

Maine Wild Child & Blueberry Bread

Jump to the InstaRecipe if you’re in a rush and/or don’t want any Dad Advice!  March 22, 2022.  Dear Kids– Let me tell you a story that started out sad and ended up very, very happy- it’s the story of Maine Wild Child & Blueberry Bread.  It started in a very homey, country kitchen inContinue reading “Maine Wild Child & Blueberry Bread”

3 Bite* Apple Hand Pies

* Dad Bites Jump to the InstaRecipe if you’re in a rush and/or don’t want any Dad Advice!  March 14, 2022.  Dear Kids– Can any Dad resist making pie jokes today?  No, but let me be clear, once you forgive me for my Dad need to post a pie recipe on Pi Day, you willContinue reading “3 Bite* Apple Hand Pies”

GM’s Family Favorite Pumpkin Bars

Jump to the InstaRecipe if you’re in a rush and/or don’t want any Dad Advice!  November 11, 2021.  Dear Kids– We start our journey towards another Thanksgiving with an easy recipe that’s perfect to bring to any Thanksgiving Table or to make anytime during the Pumpkin Spice Season. These bars have been a favorite forContinue reading “GM’s Family Favorite Pumpkin Bars”

60 Saltines and Lemon Pie with a Wild Blueberry Sauce

July 08, 2021.  Dear Kids–  This recipe is traditionally called “Atlantic Beach Pie”, but what drew me to it, other than the fact that it is so delicious, perfect for summer and easy to make, was the fact the crust is made with 60- count ’em 60!- saltine crackers, so I had to highlight thisContinue reading “60 Saltines and Lemon Pie with a Wild Blueberry Sauce”

Apres Ski Quattro Leches Cake

May 09 2021.  Dear Daughters–  Please don’t think of this recipe for Quattro Leches Cake as being late for Cinco de Mayo, just think of it as being right on time for Mother’s Day today because it’s one of your Mom’s favorite desserts. You may also be confused by the recipe’s name, wondering what “ApresContinue reading “Apres Ski Quattro Leches Cake”

Cereal “Pie” For Any Season

Another Plug and Plate Recipe © May 01, 2021.  Dear Daughters– Today, our three course, seasonal Plug and Plate menu concludes with a Cereal “Pie” recipe to finish off a meal that includes Plug and Plate recipes for Vegetable Peeler Salad  and Risotto as well.   If you’ve been paying attention lately, you should knowContinue reading “Cereal “Pie” For Any Season”

“How I Kept Your Mother” Pie

February 11, 2021.  Dear Daughters-  Since it’s just about Valentine’s Day, it’s probably a good idea to turn my attention from you to your Mom/My Wife. That means giving you this recipe for a dessert Mom will crave for Valentine’s Day, or any other day for that matter.  Each slice of this fabulous pie offersContinue reading ““How I Kept Your Mother” Pie”

She Adored A Cranberry Sorbet*

*sung to the tune of Raspberry Beret November 11, 2020.  Let’s knock out a few Thanksgiving recipes over the next few weeks since one or both of you might not be able to make it home thanks to our friend COVID.  Of course, mom and I want you home, but we get it- you don’tContinue reading “She Adored A Cranberry Sorbet*”