My Kids’ Favorite Soup- Potato Leek

Jump to the InstaRecipe if you’re in a rush and/or don’t want any Dad Advice!  March 28, 2022.  Dear Kids– Over the years, Mom and I would always think it was so sweet whenever the youngest of you two would suggest I make your sister’s favorite soup- potato leek.  So, I would make this creamyContinue reading “My Kids’ Favorite Soup- Potato Leek”

Fish In A Dish- Chowder Style

Jump to the Fish In A Dish-  Chowder Style InstaRecipe  August 15, 2021.  Dear Kids– This recipe makes me smile because it features a Ritz cracker topping, which was the only way you two kids would eat fish when you were very young  The buttery cracker topping was one of the “tricks” in my GettingContinue reading “Fish In A Dish- Chowder Style”