My Kids’ Favorite Soup- Potato Leek

Jump to the InstaRecipe if you’re in a rush and/or don’t want any Dad Advice!  March 28, 2022.  Dear Kids– Over the years, Mom and I would always think it was so sweet whenever the youngest of you two would suggest I make your sister’s favorite soup- potato leek.  So, I would make this creamyContinue reading “My Kids’ Favorite Soup- Potato Leek”

A Vietnamese Inspired Vegan Soup- “What The Pho …”

Jump to the InstaRecipe if you’re in a rush and/or don’t want any Dad Advice!  February 22, 2022.  Dear Kids–  “What The Pho …”- not only a bit of a naughty Dad Joke, but a reminder that the wonderful Vietnamese soup that guides this recipe is pronounced “fuh”, not “foe” or “fah”, as is oftenContinue reading “A Vietnamese Inspired Vegan Soup- “What The Pho …””

Tenacious Z’s Tomatoës and Rice

Jump to the InstaRecipe if you’re in a rush or don’t want any Dad Advice!  September 06, 2021.  Dear Kids–  The best recipe is a recipe that someone else makes for you- especially if that someone else is your kid.  It’s just that kind of recipe I have for you today! The last few weeksContinue reading “Tenacious Z’s Tomatoës and Rice”

Garden Blender Soup or Sauce

September 29, 2021.  Dear Kids– As you kids know, this is a very busy week for me, with a broken bone, dozens of hours on the road and days of physical labor and mental anguish. With all that, there couldn’t be a better recipe than this bright and refreshing Garden Blender Soup for a weekContinue reading “Garden Blender Soup or Sauce”

“Anyone Can Grill!”: Garden Vegetable Pasta

Disclaimer.  This week’s entry may be full of typoos, omissions, non sequiturs and other errors as it was completed in haste and with mostly happy distractions during a five day, multi-state odyssey to celebrate one kid’s graduation from college (very proud!) and to move the other kid into their first apartment (very excited!). So pleaseContinue reading ““Anyone Can Grill!”: Garden Vegetable Pasta”

I Can’t Believe It’s Vegan Gravy!

November 19, 2020.  We tend to put a good amount of gravy on our Thanksgiving plates, so it was a good thing when I came up with a recipe for a healthier gravy that even our turkey eaters choose for their only T-Day gravy.  Not to mention, this vegan gravy is much easier to makeContinue reading “I Can’t Believe It’s Vegan Gravy!”