Spawn of Kraft & Panera Mac & Cheese

Jump to InstaRecipe Reel at no extra charge March 31, 2023.  Dear Kids–  I never ate Kraft Mac and Cheese growing up, and Panera’s version was decades away, but you kids sure had your share of both.  I grew up with Granny’s “chunky style” mac and cheese and often enjoyed another rustic version- a SouthernContinue reading “Spawn of Kraft & Panera Mac & Cheese”

The Minny-ME Hot Fish Dish- A Make Ahead Holiday Casserole

Jump to the InstaRecipe if you’re in a rush and/or don’t want any Dad Advice!  December 16, 2022.  Dear Kids– Looking for a change from holiday lasagna? Try the Minny-ME Hot Fish Dish- a mashup of Minnesota’s Hot Dish and a few of Maine’s seafood classics (Minny-ME- get it?).  There’s even Make Ahead directions inContinue reading “The Minny-ME Hot Fish Dish- A Make Ahead Holiday Casserole”