Smarty Pants, Veggie Veggie Parm Parm Dump Casserole

Jump to the InstaRecipe if you’re in a rush and/or don’t want any Dad Advice!  March 05, 2022.  Dear Kids–  With all the “researching” I do for Dad’s Dinner Diary, I come across a good number of recipes, so I thought you might be interested in this recipe, which was “inspired” by my favorite suchContinue reading “Smarty Pants, Veggie Veggie Parm Parm Dump Casserole”

Potsticker Crispy Fried Rice

Jump to the InstaRecipe if you’re in a rush and/or don’t want any Dad Advice!  February 01, 2022.  Dear Kids– After an unexpected month long break in the action, I’m happy to be back with what I’m predicting to be the DDD Recipe of 2022!  Now, I don’t mean to brag with such a bold predictionContinue reading “Potsticker Crispy Fried Rice”

Pasta alla Schwarzenegger (aka Linguini with Mussels)

Jump to the InstaRecipe October 28, 2021.  Dear Kids- There is a split between you when it comes to my “Pasta alla Schwarzenegger” (aka “Linguini With Mussels”- save some of your groaning from this Dad Joke for the Cook & Play too!)- one, happy to slurp up a bowl of this pasta tossed with musselsContinue reading “Pasta alla Schwarzenegger (aka Linguini with Mussels)”

“Anyone Can Grill!”: Garden Vegetable Pasta

Disclaimer.  This week’s entry may be full of typoos, omissions, non sequiturs and other errors as it was completed in haste and with mostly happy distractions during a five day, multi-state odyssey to celebrate one kid’s graduation from college (very proud!) and to move the other kid into their first apartment (very excited!). So pleaseContinue reading ““Anyone Can Grill!”: Garden Vegetable Pasta”

Fish In A Dish- Taco Style

March 31, 2021.  Dear Kids– As we end the National Reading month of March, which has been traditionally kicked off with the celebration of Dr. Seuss’s birthday, I offer you a dish that sounds like it could have been a Dr. Seuss book and which is another variation on my favorite fast, tasty and nutritiousContinue reading “Fish In A Dish- Taco Style”

A Socially Conscious Chili-Maple Glazed Salmon for Thanksgiving

November 24, 2020.  You lovely ladies have been challenging me since day one- whether it was “one more “Underdog!”, “one more “Timber!” (more on Underdogs and Timbers after the recipe) or “one more hour before bed time!” – but now your challenges have become much more intellectual.  For example, you both have recently “suggested” weContinue reading “A Socially Conscious Chili-Maple Glazed Salmon for Thanksgiving”

Lucky 7 Mac and Cheese with Chip Dust Roulette

November 16, 2020.  I never really thought of mac and cheese as a Thanksgiving side dish, but, apparently when we lived down south I should have.  According to, the Thanksgiving Gold Coast of mac and cheese runs from Delaware to Georgia.  So, in honor of our time in the south, I give you thisContinue reading “Lucky 7 Mac and Cheese with Chip Dust Roulette”