Crispy Eggplant Parm For My Two Kids

May 17, 2021.  Dear Kids– We are a house divided, at least as far as you kids go, when it comes to Eggplant Parm- one of you likes it roasted and the other breaded and fried.  So what’s a good Dad (and I am a good Dad, just ask me) to do, but give youContinue reading “Crispy Eggplant Parm For My Two Kids”

Lots O’ Latkes and 1 Ingredient Applesauce

January 01, 2021.  Happy New Year! I made a version of latkes for a family Super Bowl party years ago and they were such a big hit they eventually evolved to take center stage as part of our New Year’s Day celebration.  Our standard latke platter is pretty straight forward- a lot o’ latkes withContinue reading “Lots O’ Latkes and 1 Ingredient Applesauce”

Lucky 7 Mac and Cheese with Chip Dust Roulette

November 16, 2020.  I never really thought of mac and cheese as a Thanksgiving side dish, but, apparently when we lived down south I should have.  According to, the Thanksgiving Gold Coast of mac and cheese runs from Delaware to Georgia.  So, in honor of our time in the south, I give you thisContinue reading “Lucky 7 Mac and Cheese with Chip Dust Roulette”